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50% Time Savings with Flo Recruit Applicant Tracking

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Greenberg Glusker’s Journey from Recruitment Challenges to Streamlined Success


Greenberg Glusker (Greenberg), a full-service law firm in Los Angeles, and its Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Jennifer Romero, embarked on a journey to modernize recruitment with Flo Recruit. This case study dives into how Flo Recruit Applicant Tracking not only saved Romero up to 50% of her time spent on scheduling interviews but also improved firm brand image for candidates, made recruiting easier for attorneys, and reduced manual work across the recruitment process by at least one-third. 


The Case for Using Technology:


  • Efficiency Gains: Greenberg saved up to 50% of time previously spent on interview scheduling and cut out at least ⅓ of the manual work involved in the recruitment process by using Flo Recruit, reducing complexity and manual touchpoints.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Attorneys found Flo Recruit user-friendly, improving their engagement in the recruitment process.
  • Tech-Forward Image: Flo Recruit positioned Greenberg as a modern, tech-savvy law firm, crucial for attracting young talent.
  • Competitive Edge: Modernization made Greenberg more competitive, enhancing their ability to compete for talent and maximize resources across lean teams.


Life Before Flo Recruit


Romero, an experienced leader who previously worked for an AmLaw 50 firm, is no stranger to complex recruitment efforts. Before adopting Flo Recruit for summer recruitment, Greenberg operated without an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), relying heavily on manual efforts to manage recruitment. While Romero and her team dedicated themselves to making the program effective, it remained a labor-intensive process. 


Managing interviews, Zoom links, and calendar invites was time-consuming, and “organizing candidates was a daunting task, especially this past year when we had over 80 callbacks to manage and put through the interview process following on-campus interviews,” said Romero. 


The time-consuming nature of recruiting meant Romero and her team had to fit as much time on their other numerous duties as possible around all the recruitment efforts. “I’m not just in charge of recruiting. I also handle administering our benefits, and facilities management, not to mention overseeing all of Greenberg’s legal assistants and paralegals with all the work that comes with managing teams,” said Romero when asked about what other work was impacted by the manual process before Flo Recruit. 


The Flo Recruit Transformation


Flo Recruit revolutionized the recruitment process, replacing manual efforts with automation. The significant time-saving feature of Flo Recruit was its interview scheduling capabilities

In the past, arranging just one interview would require a flurry of manual emails, calendar invites, and tracking.  “For every callback, I had 13 or more touch points just to schedule an interview. With Flo Recruit, I sent out one email to the candidate; they self-selected the time, and an email was sent automatically with the calendar invite to all involved,” said Romero. 


With Flo Recruit, instead of numerous manual touchpoints to schedule interviews, Flo Recruit allowed candidates to self-select time slots with ease. Confirmation emails, calendar invites, and even adjustments to interview schedules could be managed seamlessly. As a result, Romero experienced a 50% reduction in the time she spent on interview scheduling.


The benefits extended beyond interview scheduling. Flo Recruit provided a consolidated platform to manage all candidates in one place, facilitating efficient evaluation and feedback sharing. The Candidate Review feature became invaluable, making it easier to access candidate data and feedback, further improving the firm's decision-making process.


The Impact of Flo Recruit ATS Goes Beyond Streamlining 


Having been voted #9 in Vault's 2024 “Best Midsize Firms to Work For” rankings, Romero and the partnership team at Greenberg are always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of life of their attorneys and the culture of the firm. 


A big believer in digital transformation and the power of technology, Romero noted the benefits of adopting Flo Recruit go beyond the efficiency gained in the recruitment process. “We were able to get Flo Recruit up and running in time for summer recruitment this past year, and it was phenomenal,” said Romero. 


In adopting Flo Recruit, Romero found her attorneys were happier with how much easier the system made the interview process. 



Simple changes like not needing to open a PDF and finding a way to leave feedback on a candidate greatly improved the interview experience for Greenberg’s attorneys. As a vital part of what draws potential candidates to the firm, having happy attorneys only makes recruitment efforts more likely to succeed.


Moreover, the software allowed for better management of diverse interview panels, aligning with Greenberg Glusker's commitment to diversity in practice groups and gender representation. “We work hard to ensure diversity in our interview panels,” Romero said, noting that this includes gender and seniority levels at the firm. “We also try to make sure there are representatives from practice groups that match the candidates' interests. Streamlining coordinating interviews and the decision-making process means my team can focus on this part of the process and ensuring prospective attorneys get the best interview process,” says Romero.


The feedback on the ease of use and the flexibility it gives to the interview process went a long way to Greenberg bringing Flo Recruit on to tackle additional parts of the recruitment process, like lateral recruitment and event management, over the next few months.


Tech-savvy and Ready to Mingle


Adopting Flo Recruit ATS positioned Greenberg as a tech-forward and credible firm. 



Considering that 29% of Gen Z have reported that dated application portals deter them from wanting to work somewhere, this is a critical consideration as mid-size firms compete for talent. 


Embracing the Future: Midsize Firms and Flo Recruit


A common misconception among midsize firms is that they are too small to utilize advanced tools like Flo Recruit. Coming from an AmLaw50 firm, however, Romero firmly believes that Flo Recruit is even more valuable for smaller firms with leaner teams. “Flo Recruit does a third to half of the manual work for you, giving you the ability to get the best candidates through the door while giving you the ability to have the capacity to handle other tasks,” says Romero.


As Greenberg continues to expand its footprint and relationship with Flo Recruit, Romero is excited about the future: "We are big fans of digital solutions and are excited to bring a little more 21st century to our recruitment process. I’m not sad to send my spreadsheets into retirement come January 1st."



The Journey Continues


Greenberg Glusker's experience with Flo Recruit underscores the transformative power of modern recruitment tools for mid-sized law firms. In addition to saving time and reducing manual work, these tools help firms compete for young, tech-savvy talent. Modernization is within reach for mid-sized firms, making the recruitment process smoother, more efficient, and in line with the expectations of today's candidates.