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AGG Streamlines Operations and Makes Decisions Fast with Flo Recruit ATS, Optimizing Small Team

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Learn How Am Law 200 Firm Arnall Golden Gregory Leveraged Flo Recruit to Transform Partner Recruitment Dynamics 

Arnall Golden Gregory LLP (AGG), a prominent Am Law 200 law firm celebrating its 75th anniversary, prioritizes staying competitive and delivering excellent client value by embracing a tech-savvy mindset. AGG focuses on optimizing its internal teams and processes to provide nimble, business-forward advice and ensure exceptional client service. Recruitment plays a vital role in this strategy, as AGG seeks to attract quality lawyers directly from law schools and through lateral hiring, partner recruiting included. To enhance recruitment efficiency, AGG leverages Flo Recruit’s ATS to deliver big-firm results without the big-firm overhead or complexity.

Summary — Benefits and Strategic Success with Flo Recruit:

  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: Flo Recruit’s automated features reduce manual tasks, eliminating the need for an additional full-time hire and giving the lean recruiting team of three more breathing room. 
  • Improved Feedback Precision: Tailored forms ensure feedback closely aligns with role and career stage requirements, enhancing decision-making and boosting adoption rates among attorneys.
  • Streamlined Reporting: Flo Recruit delivers clear reports out of the box, no clean-up required, enabling the hiring committee to make informed decisions quickly and saving valuable time.
  • Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Design: Flo Recruit's intuitive interface streamlines recruitment for AGG's small team. Its user-friendly design simplifies training and adoption, facilitating a smooth transition for the recruitment team.
  • Embracing the Ecosystem: Flo Recruit's all-inclusive platform consolidated recruiting into a centralized system with historical tracking capabilities, providing a superior user experience and allowing AGG’s team to seamlessly connect with the broader recruiting ecosystem, paving the way for future success.

Flo Recruit Applicant Tracking: Status Report

To understand the impact of Flo Recruit, we interviewed Lauren Brown, AGG’s Director of Recruiting and Professional Development. She discussed how AGG strategically leveraged Flo Recruit to streamline talent acquisition, utilize robust reporting, and amplify recruitment efforts.

Flo Recruit: What drew you to choose Flo Recruit as your recruitment management platform?

Lauren Brown, Director of Recruiting and Professional Development: We actually had another recruiting platform before adopting Flo Recruit. We began looking to migrate because our old platform was outdated and quirky; we just weren’t getting the value we needed. The tool we were using also wasn’t integrated into a broader ecosystem that let us track candidates across phases of their careers. Our firm likes to invest in forward-thinking technology, so combining the less-than-ideal user experience and functionality got us looking for alternatives.

After evaluating our options, Flo Recruit was the most user-friendly system we considered. It has a streamlined interface that our candidates and attorneys find easy to use.

Flo Recruit: Interesting, can you explain a little bit more about your evaluation criteria?

Lauren: We needed something that would be easy to use from day one and push out to our lawyers at the firm and our candidates, something that wasn't going to require a whole lot of behind-the-scenes time because we honestly don't have time for that given our small size.

Flo Recruit checked all those boxes for us. We didn't need a lot of handholding to figure it out because it's so intuitive, user-friendly, and well-organized. 

Flo Recruit: Many firms AGG’s size might balk at bringing an applicant tracking system (ATS) on board. Was that a factor or discussion point for the AGG team?

Lauren: It was a point of discussion, but not for the reason you may think. Systems like Flo Recruit are particularly useful for firms of our size because we are a small recruiting team. There are three of us to support a 200-lawyer firm, including our summer program, lateral associate, and lateral partner recruitment; the significance of automation cannot be overstated.

Flo Recruit simplifies and speeds up the recruitment process. Improved accuracy and efficiency in record-keeping, the consolidation of candidate information into one accessible platform, and the ability to track historical interactions with candidates have been significant. These seemingly small factors all contribute to increased efficiency for our small team.

Flo Recruit: You mentioned having software in place already. How did you present the business case for migrating to Flo Recruit?

Lauren: We were discussing with leadership whether we needed to expand the recruitment team because of the high volume of data processing work that we simply didn’t have the capacity to handle. 

When we started looking at Flo Recruit, though, I was able to show how the change in technology could eliminate the need to grow our team through automation, creating the space for the three of us to handle the existing workload. That kind of efficiency and cost savings made migrating to Flo Recruit a pretty easy sell.

Flo Recruit: You’ve been on Flo Recruit’s ATS for about a year now. What have been the biggest impacts on AGG’s process and recruitment efforts?

Lauren: There have been so many benefits, but I guess I could bucket them into two categories: candidate experience and informed decision-making.

When it comes to the candidate experience, tracking all phases of the recruitment process in one place is crucial. It facilitates the management of multiple touchpoints with candidates throughout the year, which would have been challenging without a comprehensive system like Flo Recruit. 

Students in our law school recruiting queue will become lateral candidates one day. So, you know, we can track that back. Now, if we have a lateral associate application, we can see this person applied as a law student at Emory. We've got that history to refer to, whereas that information was much harder to piece together in the former system we were using. And that's not a great way to handle things to ensure a good candidate experience overall.

Flo Recruit Applicant Tracking: Candidate Profiles

For AGG’s internal decision-making, Flo Recruit’s customization options and reporting have been a game changer. 

Our old system had one standard feedback form for all interviews. When we moved to Flo Recruit, though, we got the ability to create customized evaluation forms. This allows us to customize the feedback for different situations. I mean, lateral partner feedback forms look very different from lateral associates and from law students; Flo Recruit lets us set up and customize feedback forms to make sure they are useful for the role and career stage. The ease of customization and streamlined feedback process contributed to the system's adoption among attorneys.

Maybe more importantly, Flo Recruit allows me to create stakeholder-ready reports directly from the platform, with no formatting or spreadsheet work required. The reports are clean and easy for the hiring committee to glance at and get the information they need, which I find a huge benefit. The feedback forms provide charts and narratives at a glance. That alone is a time-saver!

Flo Recruit: If a peer at another law firm asked for your advice, what would you tell them about your experience with Flo Recruit?

Lauren: I've used Flo Recruit to handle law school and firm recruitment tasks. It is hands down the most user-friendly, intuitive experience on the market. Systems that historically have been pretty separate are actually managed in the same ecosystem, saving everybody time. I would recommend Flo Recruit to any peer at a similar firm.

Learn more about how Flo Recruit can be a tech differentiator for Am Law 200 firms, or contact us to start a conversation now about how Flo Recruit benefits law firms