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Welcome Claudia Grillo to Flo Recruit

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Flo Recruit is thrilled to welcome Claudia Grillo to the team as Director of Growth and Partnerships.

With 15 years of experience in the Legal Recruitment industry, Claudia has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor for employer branding and recruiting. For the past two years, she has been a Legal Recruiter at Cardinal Search Partners, working to create tailored recruitment strategies for AmLaw 200 law firms and building relationships with candidates by actively listening to their goals, guiding them through the recruitment process, and sharing her profound market knowledge.

Prior to her tenure at Cardinal, Claudia served as the Managing Director of Vault's Recruitment Marketing team. Leveraging her wealth of expertise in survey analysis within the legal industry, she delivered indispensable insights to leaders at law firms and law schools. You may have seen Claudia speak at legal industry conferences and events, where she presented on topics such as recruiting trends, lawyer satisfaction, DEI, and professional development.

To welcome Claudia, we want to put the spotlight on her and share a friendly Q&A session.

Q: What led you to choose Flo Recruit?

A: Back in 2019, when I was at Vault, I first learned about Flo Recruit at the Annual NALP conference. The team was energetic, and their software caught my attention. Since then, I have continued to witness Flo's rapid growth and have heard directly from law firm professionals that Flo Recruit's products have made an impact on their hiring. In tandem with the ever-evolving landscape of legal recruiting, Flo consistently and swiftly adapts. I’m excited to have the opportunity to be part of a team with a mission that has been my driving passion – uniting law schools, law firms, and highly qualified candidates.

Q: What motivates you to come to work every day?

A: Relationships. I find genuine joy in the social aspect of my work, as it allows me to connect with and understand the individuals who make up this dynamic legal recruitment industry. By finding a connection and collaborating with my colleagues, clients, and candidates, I can be a better professional resource and advocate for them.

Q: How have you built strong relationships with law firms?

A: Many people, including candidates, think that all BigLaw firms are the same. They are NOT. I focus my efforts on understanding the law firms I collaborate with, and I wholeheartedly prioritize my clients and their objectives. I believe in tailoring each conversation with a law firm. This involves asking pertinent questions about their priorities and recruiting goals, followed by genuinely listening to their responses to craft tailored solutions.

Q: What's the most rewarding part of recruiting?

A: Helping someone find a career path or legal employer they are excited about! I recognize the importance of career satisfaction, and that is my focus when helping candidates evaluate the next step in their careers. Finding the right employer platform should be empowering for a candidate; it lets them take control of their career trajectory, enabling them to become not only better lawyers but also happier ones.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A: My family is spread out across the country, so my husband and I enjoy traveling to see them (especially our nephews and nieces), and we love traveling to explore new destinations. I am an avid golfer and tennis player, love to cook, a big Broadway buff, and have recently gotten back into dance classes. When it comes to time on the couch it’s usually reality TV or reruns of The Office.

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